Alabama man serves 36 years of sentence for $50 snatching, gets freedom

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An unfortunate man from Alabama gets his freedom as authorities from jail notify him being clear of his sentence period. The guy got released after passing three decades of prison time. He was awarded prison period without parole as he had snatched $50 from a bakery using force.

The guy was merely 22yo when he was awarded sentence in 1983.

After 36 years, he is finally set to be freed. A judge has ordered his released from Donaldson correctional facility in Bessemer.

A little look into his background of disproportional sentence would reveal that he was charged under the Habitual Felony Offender Act, which is also commonly called as three strikes law. Earlier he had committed a burglary in 1979. The bakery snatching of $50 was his fourth adventure. The snatching involved no physical harm committed to the visitors of the bakery or the owner. The fourth count meant that he had to be sent to prison without parole.

The family of Kennard were emotional as they learned that judge David Carpenter re-sentences him to time served, which meant that his sentence period was being credited and he was free.

According to The Guardian, Kennard told the judge that he was more than willing to return to his before-the-sentence profession i-e carpentry. He had worked in construction business.

Kennard was totally overwhelmed on the occasion. He could not believe that he was finally getting freedom. He thought that he was about to spend the rest of his life in prison and had lost every hope of walking away as a free man.

Kennard was represented by attorney, Carla Crowder, who serves as executive director of Alabama Appleseed Centre for Law and Justice. Attorney confirmed that Kennard was pretty much oveerwhelmed with the courts decision.

Among Kennard’s relatives, one was weeping and as she spoke to WBRC, she said:

All of us [were] crying, We’ve been talking about it for, I don’t know, 20-plus years, about being free.

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