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Airlines issues apologies for making fun of ‘Abcde’ name

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A name is something which according to the experts has a lot of effect on the first impression of a person. Names play a pretty important roles throughout the life of a person. Many people also believe that the names carry an effect for the personality as well. However, that is a discussion for another day. According to the sources, a 5yo girl was made fun of because of her name. She is called as Abcde.

This story surfaced when she was boarding the plane of Southwest Airlines. The staff giggled as her name was read on the boarding pass. The mother of the girl was accompanying her for obvious reasons and she claimed that a staff member of the airline mocked her daughter. The pair was flying from Florida to El Paso, Texas.

Traci’s (the mother) daughter suffers from epilepsy and for that specific reason they were offered a preferential boarding. However when they were boarding, a staff member from the airline, started to point at the little girl and he started to laugh as well. This wasn’t insulting enough as the same staff member also took a picture of the 5yo. This was shared on Facebook for public consumption.

Mother explains her grievances to the social media

The name of her daughter is Abcde which is pronounced as Ab-city. This is quite a unique name but this doesn’t give anyone power to make fun of this cute little girl. She was later appraoched by ABC7 and she said that the staff member was laughing and pointing at her daughter. When she asked the staff member to stop, this made him snap a picture of her daughter and share it to the social media.

Definitely the 5yo was hurt by the incident which happened to her. She is young and believes that everyone in world is kind and loveable, however such an experience is going to change her way of thinking. Children have a pretty good response to the criticism and they can pretty much understand the situation. The daughter even questioned her mother the reason behind everyone laughing at her name ot which her mother replied that not everyone was good in this world.

Social media furor forces airline to issue apology

The airline issued a formal apology by giving this public statement:

We extend our sincere apology to the family. We take great pride in extending our Southwest Hospitality to all of our customers, which includes living by the Golden Rule and treating every individual with respect, in person or online.

The further claimed that they were taking action against the concerned employee but they couldn’t release the detail as they were using this as an opportunity to straighten up their airline policies.

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