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Airforce responded to sergeant who released viral ‘Racist Facebook Rant’

Written by Wamiq Ali

We had recently covered a racist rant of an Air Force technical sergeant which has since been facing strong opprobrium from the general public. The video was released on the internet on Sunday and the moment it was posted online, it went viral.

The sergeant was suspended in response to the video.

Tech. Sgt. Geraldine Lovely had uploaded the video to Facebook wearing her uniform and had harangued the general public about the discriminative behaviour of her black subordinates. The aplomb of the Sgt. Lovely in the video is admirable.

Tech. Sgt. Geraldine Lovely uploaded an expletive-laden video to Facebook of herself in uniform spouting off about her black female subordinates, who she said regularly give her “attitude” and have no “respect whatsoever.” Her offensive language drew reactions both at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada and across the country as the video went viral – said the officials

I am trying my best to hold my professionalism with them, but good God, they have no … respect whatsoever, Every time I talk to them … they are talking down to me. – Lovely during her Tirade while addressing to the online audience through Facebook.

The bickering went viral which made her officials look askance at her post publishing the rant. “Why is it that every time I encounter my subordinates that are black females they have a giant … attitude?,” she further asked people in her video.

In the past, Georgia State University’s soccer player Natalia Martinez was also suspended from the team post her freedom of expression regarding discrimination. Harley Barber, another University of Alabama student had posted a video filled with racial slurs was expelled from the university.

These terminations rise several questions and show disconcerting situation for people who have committed offensive speech under the freedom of expression.

Nellis Air Force base called Lovely’s video as highly inappropriate and unacceptable, following are the official tweets:

The commander of Airforce Warfare Center, wrote the following letter:

Commandar Airforce Warfare Center has responded to the incident with the following letter written to Nellis Maj. Gen. Peter E. Gersten.

“We are all responsible for what we say and do whether in person or on social media. Additionally, we are all responsible for the environment we tolerate. Respect, dignity, commitment, loyalty and most importantly trust, is the life blood of our profession, As Airmen, these ideals are the difference between winning and losing: both on and off the battlefield.”

Lt. Gen Jay Silveria spoke in the favour of diversity, “If you can’t treat someone with dignity and respect, get out.”

It’s not yet clear if Lovely is going to face any other disciplinary actions. According to the Washington Post, she couldn’t be reached for comment.

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