AirDroid lets you Stay connected with your Smartphone Everywhere!

AirDroid as the name suggests is an air client for the android which lets you stay connected to your smartphone from anywhere in the world, whether your smartphone is at the home or is at the work. There come a lot of handy features with airdroid and recently a beta version of the airdroid with better functions has also been released at the playstore.

Handy Features with AirDroid:

Following are the most amazing features which this handy smartphone android application is going to offer to it’s users.

AirDroid Logo

How is Airdroid Going to work:

This is the most important question and it actually works by two modes, one is that if your laptop and your smartphone is connected to the same internet connection via the same router then you can easily open up the android application in your smartphone and from the browser in the PC or laptop you can access your smartphone’s messages, files and application etc.

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Other mode works by connecting your phone to the internet connection and your laptop to the internet also. Now you can take your laptop or pc anywhere or in other words you can connect to your smartphone with the help of internet from anywhere in the world. This mode works best and let you do a lot of things without the tension that you need to carry your phone also to check basic things like messages, files and much more. Let’s talk about the features of this application:

Messaging From the Laptop on the Go:

You can easily send messages and can use your smartphone inbox, outbox and drafts through the AirDroid browser client on the go. No matter where your phone is placed, you just need that your phone must have an active internet connection. Your smartphone connected to the internet with the airdroid site and your laptop connected to the internet also, now you can read messages and can look up at the status of the smartphone.

AirDroid Messaging

Check Signal Strength, Available Space and Battery of smartphone remotely:

You can easily check out the available space, the signal strength and the other status of the smartphone with the help of the airdroid client. Again the same scheme works, you get a browser interface of the application at the pc and your phone is running with the android application. And everything works.

Airdroid Connected Mobile Status

Remotely Upload Files to your Device:

You can easily remotely upload files from pc to the smartphone from anywhere in the world. Here the free application and the free subscription has the limit of uploading the files to your device. But the premium account saves the mess. The beta application has a transfer limit of the 1Gb which is actually premium free for a month.

Fileupload in airdroid

Listen to the Music from smartphone on the Go:

There is a music icon in the airdroid browser client which once double clicked opens up the music library of your smartphone and lets you play your favorite songs placed in the smartphone. The player is also nice with next and previous buttons.

AirDroid Music Player

Make a Call from PC to the Smartphone:

Yes! with airdroid you are also capable of calling through the smartphone using the laptop or the pc. Open up the contacts in the airdroid client and then click the call button next to the contact name. Voila! you are done. It will dial the number using your laptop but actually the credit will be charged from the smartphone. Airdroid makes it happen.

Locate your phone’s location through the Map:

Locate your phone with airdroid

Suppose! you lost your phone then airdroid comes into play and you can easily locate your phone through the airdroid. Only you need an online account to the airdroid site, that account must be attached to your smartphone also. In the end both the devices the laptop and the smartphone must be connected to the internet. Now, you can easily locate your phone thorough any pc connected to the internet. You just need to login to AirDroid Site. One thing you must be cocksure is this: “You must give administrative privileges to the airdroid when it prompts you, because when you activate internet mode for your device then it uses GPS and many other things, So airdroid must have an administrative account in jelly bean

Download AirDroid:

Download AirDroid from the playstore, and then after getting it installed, open up the application. Now signin to your account or else signup if you don’t have already. Open up AirDroid Site from your laptop and keep the application at airdroid running while your phone connected to internet. That’s it!