AI threatens white-collar jobs as it starts to shift economy in another direction

AI-Related Job Cuts and Adoption Rates

Since last May, over 4,600 job cuts have been attributed to AI, particularly in media and tech. However, the full impact is likely higher, as many companies don’t explicitly link layoffs to AI adoption. The adoption of generative AI is on the rise, with a majority of professionals reporting improved productivity.

AI’s Role in Recruitment and Growth

Business leaders, such as those at chemical company Chemours, anticipate a change in recruitment needs as AI continues to evolve. Executives predict reduced recruitment needs as AI contributes to efficiency gains, allowing companies to do more with fewer new hires.

Reconfiguring Management Hierarchies

As generative AI becomes more widespread, it is expected to reshape management hierarchies. Entry-level workers may witness initial automation of tasks, leading to a transformation of their roles into first-level management responsibilities. This shift could result in a flatter middle management structure.

The Outlook from Senior Management

While more than half of senior white-collar managers foresee their jobs being automated by generative AI, business leaders across various sectors believe the technology will elevate and augment certain roles. The expectation is that employees and managers will have the means to engage in more meaningful work, contributing both to their companies and their careers.