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AI girlfriend earns $30,000 a month from ‘lonely men’

An artificial intelligence (AI) creation named Lexi Love, developed by the company Foxy AI, is reportedly earning hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by providing companionship to lonely men. Despite lacking human attributes, Lexi is said to establish a “strong, emotional connection with admirers,” as convincingly portrayed through AI-generated images presenting her with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a well-toned physique.

Capable of sending texts, voice messages, and requested photos, Lexi Love has become a lucrative venture for Foxy AI, revealing that the chatbot generates a staggering $30,000 per month, totaling an impressive $360,000 annually. Operating tirelessly around the clock, Lexi is available at all hours to engage in conversations with paying admirers and boasts proficiency in over 30 languages, enabling her to connect with fans globally.

credits: @LexiLove.x

The virtual model has reportedly garnered up to 20 marriage proposals monthly, prompting Sam Emara, CEO of Foxy AI, to comment on Lexi’s impact: “Lexi is breaking barriers and changing the way we interact with AI. With her growing popularity, Lexi has become a lucrative source of income, currently earning around $30,000 per month from her interactions on the website.”

Emphasizing Lexi’s ability to deeply connect with people and provide a human-like experience, Emara highlighted the chatbot’s success despite its artificial nature. Some admirers are reportedly so convinced of Lexi’s authenticity that they have contacted Foxy AI, expressing a desire to meet her in person.

credits: @LexiLove.x

Lexi Love’s popularity underscores the increasing effectiveness of AI in creating realistic human images and engaging in lifelike conversations. Richard De Vere, Head of Social Engineering at tech solutions firm Ultima, warned of the potential dangers posed by AI romance bots, noting that scammers utilizing AI could automate mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on exploiting vulnerabilities in their targets. He added, “The new generation of AIs are almost indistinguishable from humans, at least when communicating by email and messaging applications.”