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Afghanistan forces worried after US President plans to withdraw

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The tax money of American people is being directed towards the lost wars for more than a decade. Afghanistan conflict is definitely one of such lost causes which started in the days of USSR and haunts an average American till today. Trump administration has taken some radical steps to minimize the expenditure of American government on the foreign causes. Military aide to certain countries has been reduced and the granting methods have been revised. Just in, Trump has announced to take out half the stationed American troops in Afghanistan. There are roughly 17,000 American troops stationed in Afghanistan and Trump has planned to withdraw half of these troops.

Afghan generals warn that this withdrawal would be a blow to morale of forces

In Afghanistan, the central government is not stable and a semblance of writ had been achieved in the past because of the Nato forces. The Afghan generals are worried that this news of US withdrawal might serve a blow to the morale of the already stationed Afghan government troops. The air support is a major element provided by the US forces in Afghanistan. The experts are also a little skeptical about the withdrawal because they believe that it would give insurgents a power vacuum. Resultantly the vacuum would help them hold up their ground and obdurate stance for a longer time, which can be harmful for the peace talks.

US is keen to hold up peace talks with the insurgents in order to end a conflict which started in 2001. The purpose of peace talks is to give Afghanistan a stable and sane environment. The quality of life in the war ravaged country is seriously effected. These peacetalks are expected to be effected because of this US troops withdrawal, since it might give some more time to the insurgents to hold up their ground and delay the peace talks. Pakistan in the similar context, through a letter, was asked for help by the US President. Pakistan is important in the peace process. The foreign office of Pakistan government called this withdrawal of troops a pleasant and welcoming move by the US.

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