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Adult Star offers Trump to return payment to end her deal of silence

Written by Wamiq Ali

The adult film actress known as Stephanie Clifford who is commonly called through a professional name Stormy Daniels has recently offered Trump to return 130000 dollar payment if she is allowed to speak freely about what she claims was an affair with President Trump. This adult actress who has blamed President Trump for having an affair with her offered on Monday that she is willing to return the one $130,000 hush money which she allegedly received from Mr Trump’s lawyer in 2016 after agreeing to not discuss the relationship and other details.

In exchange of the money, the actress Stephanie Clifford seeks an end to the deal which she made with Trump because she wants to appear publicly with the details of the alleged affair which she had with Trump in 2006 as it lasted for several months.

She dispatched a letter to Mr Trump’s personal lawyer and wrote that she would wire the money into an account of Mr Trump’s choosing by Friday.

The offer is time-barred and the lawyer of Ms Clifford has given a deadline of Tuesday noon for Mr Cohen to answer the offer. A copy of the deal was obtained by the New York Times and we took a small portion of it and embedded in the shape of the image above, The contract if made ensures that Miss Clifford’s silence would be deemed null and void once the money has been repaid back.

After this MS Clifford would be allowed to speak openly and freely about her prior relationship with the president and she would be able to publish any text messages photos or videos relating to the president that she may have in her possession and is not allowed to make public at this moment.

“As we have always said, this is about a search for the truth and the ability of Ms Clifford to tell the American people what really happened so they can make their own determination, said Ms Clifford’s lawyer, “Our offer proves this out.”

This offer definitely puts Trump and his lawyer in a challenging state since the truth is on the verge of breaking out to the public.

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