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Adult Production Giant Offers Subtitles for Deaf & Hard Of Hearing Audience

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The industry of film production is quite massive. There is a certain portion of industry which earn their part of money through B-grade movies. Now a lot of people might feel bad for such movies because these are solely based on the objectivity. The women in these movies are excessively used to demoralize the consumer audience, as the same audience starts to think women as some entity to be used and thrown away. 

These murky entertainment industry parts constantly try to get a hold of their share of profit. Thus, they use every practice to broaden their audience. Forbes has recently released stats of this Adult Production giant.

According to the gruesome stats, the website averaged around 81 million visitors per day and got 24.7 Billion searches performed. This shows the bleak picture of the mankind. A lot of people consume such websites once they are under stress and they feel like venting it out on something else. Total videos of 595,492 hours were uploading in 2017 and if one continues to watch this much longer duration of entertainment, then eyes might be locked to the screen for next 68 years.

The highest search term which was conducted on the website was from the women. This means that they are enjoying more freedom.

2017 seems to have been the year where women have come forward to express their desires more openly, said Dr. Laurie Betito, a doctor and examinist

A recent move tries to add deaf people into the pool of viewers

So, a recent move made by the giant tried to add deaf people into the pool of the viewers. This move might become more popular if the higher sings of adaptability are observed. This can be noted by counting the people who turn on subtitles to learn more about the ongoing film. This might sound weird to the others and most of us might term it as a wrong move, but time will decide.

The question is, will they be able to enjoy the picture in the same manner as others do?

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