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Adorable moment, Dog kisses Maine Firefighter who rescued him from rooftop

A firefighter got a very deserved kiss from a cute dog he rescued from a roof, these beautiful moments were captured on camera.

In moments of sheer fear, shock and terror, humans become so overwhelmed that they tend forget to do trivial things – like thanking a person who just took them out of the face of death – but dogs? They never forget to pay their gratitude.

This cute Husky is a perfect example of this, the unfortunate pooch was recorded when he was stuck on the roof of a house – the house looked like it came straight out of a horror movie. The Wells Maine Police was called by local residents for help, in a matter of few minutes the fire department came to rescue the terrified dog.

Here is the video:

It seems like the husky climbed out of a window through a roof-stair – but was not able to get back inside. Firefighter Captain Nawfel decided to get up on the roof to save the terrified dog. However, the pooch was not ready to get back inside through the window that was held up by the firefighter. The dog took a round of the whole roof and then caught a glance of the cheering public.

He then stopped next to his saviour and gave him a long kiss on his face, before he started to cuddle the guy. However, firefighters do not have the luxury to spend their time in comfort – why else would someone not want to cuddle with such an adorable beauty. He settled for patting the dog and then got him through the window back into the house.

The official Wells Maine Police posted the pictures of the rescue with a caption: ‘Even doggies need to be saved sometimes! This beautiful dog managed to get out onto the roof of his home thru an upstairs window. We received numerous calls but one concerned citizen, Phil Burke, discovered him early on and notified us. Another awesome citizen stood by with the dog until we could arrive on the scene! Officer McDonald, in conjunction with the Wells Fire Department, worked together to rescue him! Thank you to all that called and helped save him.’

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