Adidas would pay equal bonuses for women’s soccer World Cup winners as male counterparts

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There were different waves of feminism which started in the last three hundred years. Before these waves women were not given equal rights, today there are different regulatory bodies in all around the world at the countries level which make it mandatory for their native companies to have at least one woman on board in the board of directors. This is quite a progress. Often women claim that they don’t get paid on the equal basis as compared to the men. The same claim is often made by the movie entertainment industry in which females complain that they don’t get paid on equal levels as compared to the men. Recently, Adidas sponsored players which won the Women’s World Cup this year would receive the same bonus payments as their male counterparts. This one decision has made women all around the globe feel happy.

This announcement came after the news when there came some reports that U.S. women’s national soccer team was suing their federation. They were attempting to base their claims on the fact that they were facing discrimination. The 28 members of the squad were named as plaintiffs in federal court. Details of lawsuit were published in Reuters which states that around 28 members of the squad were named as plaintiffs in federal court. This lawsuits includes details about no gender-parity in economic terms. The team members have complained about the wages. The players have claimed that their male counterparts have been paid more as compared to them. After making this announcement Adidas’ head of global brands said that the company decided to encourage the next generation of sportswomen.

Today we are announcing that all Adidas athletes on the winning 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup team will receive the same performance bonus payout as their male peers. (read the official Fifa statement)

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