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Acid Attack: Thugs who throw acid can now be given life sentence, even if they miss their victim

Written by Wamiq Ali

Prosecutors announce a new law which will force thugs to be placed in prison for 4 years who carry acid on the streets. The Crown Prosecution Service made this decision to charge the future offenders who carry corrosive substance in street. An offensive weapon with corrosive substance might to a four-year jail term.

Tougher charges will be pressed against the victim who throws acid and misses the victim which will cause the offender a jail term of life. The decision was taken as a result of public concern about the acid attacks. The consequences of acid attacks are horrible and female victims end up getting a totally different unwanted life. This is not limited to acid attack but includes any potentially harmful substance.

Everyone might be wondering, “Why such a harsh sentence for acid attacks?”

The announcement of the decision came shortly after a burglar admitted inflicting 24 percent burns on a 69-year-old woman. He had sprayed corrosive liquid on her after breaking into her home. The same burglar had also threatened a 90-year-old woman with acid during another break-in and had used a corrosive substance in other attacks.

The Director of public prosecutions played a vital role in this decision. She wanted to give courts the maximum power to tackle the acid attack.

Allison Saunders

Another reason for such heavy sanctions was to create fear for those who carried acid rather than a knife or other weapon in hope for escaping victim’s justice. The acid carrying activity was to be demolished and these new sanctions would make sure that something like this happens in reality.

“The point is that if you can’t just expect to carry acid around without an excuse. It counts as an offensive weapon just as much as a knife or a screwdriver could be,” Ms Saunders told the Evening Standard.

The evening standard London newspaper today included this news as a victory on the front page.

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