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Accused burglar burgles local jail after he’s booked for burglary

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There are a few news which make a space in the head of the readers for some time being. This news is one of those news where a burglar was found committing the same sin for which he was booked. It’s quite ironic in nature and seldom something like this happens in real world. These seldom real world happenings pave way for the film writers to often show them in their movies.

Texas man busted for burglary committed another burglary while behind bars

So, this man from Texas was behind the bars in the Coryell County jail and he was sentenced this Wednesday after he was found committing the same crime again for which he was booked, that too while behind the bars. He was jailed on Feb. 10 and his name is James Lee. His online records can be found.

Later in June, he was charged of committing another crime while he was in jail. He had stolen the commissionary cards from the inmate. These cards are like debit cards for the people who are behind the bars. These cards are used by the inmates to make commissionary purchases. Later, this thief went to the general population area and started to hand over these cards like he was a Robin Hood of the jail.

Anderson was sharp, he had held a door and prevented it from being locked once a guard with commissionary cards box came. As the door was not locked properly because of Anderson, thus later he took out the entire box. 

Because of this misconduct while he was serving prison for an earlier burglary, there are too many charges against this guy already, he was sentenced by the judge for 18 months concurrently. Two extra charges were pushed against the guy. Anderson would now be transferred to Texas Department of Criminal Justice unit.

The mugshot is a total irony!

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