Accountant unhappy with job takes £170,000 and spends it on women

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There are normally two types of people in the world, one prefers to do a job while the other group prefers to remain self-employed. There are pros and cons of both of these groups, a self-employed person is his own boss while he has to often take risks. On the other hand, a person employed somewhere mostly doesn’t face any risk, he is often accompanied with job surety. We won’t get more into this discussion, the story of this article is about a guy who didn’t like his job because the work environment being provided to him wasn’t friendly. Therefore, he decided to take a revenge from his workplace.

An accountant got jailed for a two and half years after he was found of embezzling money. He took out around £170,000 from his employer and he spent this amount on women. Darrel Carvill used to work at a car servicing chain Mr Clutch. He took this amount because he claimed that he was being bullied by his colleagues. In August last year, he wanted to take an exit from the car washing chain in order to hide somewhere. He was getting clues that he might get arrested for his secret offences. The employee said that since he was being bullied at workplace, therefore he used to take money secretly in order to spend a weekend of madness.

Carvill used to file fake payments to himself from different franchises of the car wash company. He used to hide them as genuine transfers to suppliers and traders. The accountant got charged of 18 fraud charges. The barrister kind of favoured the guy and said the following lines in the court.

He has had a very unhappy life. For most of his life he has been bullied. He has suffered from very low self-esteem and social awkwardness.

He says he was a good employee and worked long hours and did good work.

He says his bosses had shown them nothing but kindness. But other than the owners, there was at least one person who subjected him to ridicule and caused a downward spiral.

Carvill’s lawyer was of the view that his low self-esteem became a huge problem when he was teased at work place as it took a downward plunge.

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