Abandoning dogs during natural disaster to be made illegal through a new bill

There are people who often leave their dogs stranded on the eve of storm. Most of them leave their dogs because they get afraid of the storm, while others do it on purpose as they have little regards for the life of their pet dogs. A dog is often called as the man’s best friend, therefore legislators are trying to justify this particular status of dog. In doing so, they are trying to pass a bill for making it illegal to leave a dog in the times of natural calamity. Often there are news of pet owners leaving their pets in the time when these animals need their owners the most. The news of such dogs which were left during a storm start to circulate on the social media, even in the past several such pets have been shared.

After the bill, leaving animals in extreme weather would become a criminal act

As the bill is passed in the state of Florida, leaving the animals behind when a storm comes would be deemed as illegal. This has been reported by ABC News as the details show that after the Bill 1738 is passed in the senate, abandoning dogs in tied or unattended condition would make it illegal in both the natural as well as man-made disasters. The bill defines man-made disaster as a phenomenon which happens because of human error. It also involves any situation which might arise or can probably arise because of some system failure.

The bill has been filed by Florida lawmaker Joe Gruters and this would also empower the vets to report such cases. The bill would be in affect only in situations when some warning has been issued by the local government or by the National Weather Service. The animal rights activists believe it to be a good move.

Those who commit vulnerable acts against their pets could be fine around $5 grands. This would include any person who leaves his dog tied to something on purpose.

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