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A$AP Rocky arrives back home in a private jet, Trump delivers on promise

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A$AP Rocky arrives back home as a bright laugh could be seen on his face when he landed on the LAX airport. The support group of the rapper was waiting for him on the airport. They took a hold of his luggage and placed it smartly in the SUV before leaving for his home. A$AP Rocky was in a good mood. He hugged around everyone as he reached the airport in a private jet. It appears that Trump’s diplomacy finally worked out and Sweden decided to released the rapper after he was captured by the authorities because of his alleged involvement in a street brawl.

30yo rapper was wearing a designed head scarf and he was seen laughing in joy. Real name of A$AP Rocky is Rakim Mayers. He is quite popular in the rap community. The rapper reached American soil in the early hours of the Saturday. As A$AP Rocky was locked up with co-defendants back in Sweden, one of the mothers of them revealed the miserable jail conditions. She said that Rocky was inside a cell close to which another prisoner was kept with serious mental issues.

A report published by NBC claimed of effective US government role in the release of the rapper. The report claims that the government of the USA somehow managed to free the rapper as it had told Sweden to get ready for negative consequences in case the rapper was kept in detention. “The government of the United States of America wants to resolve this case as soon as possible to avoid potentially negative consequences to the US-Swedish bilateral relationship,” mentioned a letter written by the US special presidential envoy for hostage affairs.

Trump was also personally looking into the matter, because he had told Kanye West that he would do something in the matter. Kanye West had requested president to help get A$AP Rocky back to the US, as the rapper was detained in Sweden.

It appears that A$AP Rocky would not be going to Sweden any time soon, because of the pending legal issues which he might face in the future. He would definitely wait for everything to settle down.

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