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A Sickening Footage shows deplorable condition of Sea being full of rubbish

Written by Logical Men

Plastic wastes are going to become a huge problem for the upcoming days. A recent footage captured at the Dominican Republic see bolsters the same claim. The sea full of rubbish was witnessed and the water was not so observable beneath the thick sheet of rubbish. Many companies in the world are operating to manufacture the plastic goods. Under the corporate social responsibility, these companies should perform studies to reduce the plastic wastes.

The next responsibility comes to the respective governments where these companies and manufacturing industries are operating. The governments should make their own rules to force these companies to prepare goods with the recycle-able material.

If we further escalate the same responsibility of good environment then the international law should cover such harmful conditions for stopping them before spreading like cancer. 

Dominican Sea deplorable condition:

A user at Twitter operating with handle green4EMA shared these pictures. The sea can be seen full of rubbish stuff and man-thrown waste.

The waves in the video can be seen attempting to carry away the sea waste. Many such videos have already floated online showing the bad conditions of our water reservoirs. The aquatic life is damaged because of such waste products getting thrown away in the sea. The same aquatic life is often consumed by the humans in the shape of sea meat.

Now, just theorize the link in the shape of an ecosystem, a young born fish consuming such waste might not have all the healthy constituents in its meat, thus, the consumer of that meat is going to get a negative effect.

The problem should be dealt at an international level. The Dominican Republic is an adjoining island, near to Mexico. Recently, China refused to be the dumping ground for the world’s waste. America was troubled to learn the news because a huge portion of waste from America goes to China.

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