A dozen immigrants fired at Trump’s golf club, even managers knew their legal status for years

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Trump circle around the illegal immigrants is growing stronger than ever, as in a recent move the Trump’s golf club has fired a dozen illegal immigrants. The news broke out amidst the protest of certain people against the Mexican wall to stop the illegal immigrants from entering. This news got more traction because the managers of the golf club knew the illegal status of these workers for years. However, still they preferred to give them a job because they didn’t want them to suffer. On January 18, the manager of the golf club called these workers one by one and told them that their services were no longer needed.

President took a stronger stance against the immigrants entering the country illegally

The president has announced a firm stance against the immigrants who come to the US for sake of getting or earning a sound living. Through the America first policy, the president is keen in keeping the interests of the America on the top priority. The president had attempted to gain funds for building the wall in order to stop the immigrants from entering America. Many of these workers which got fired at the club had been working for it for around a dozen or more years. One of the workers called this move as bogus by claiming that these workers had been doing the work for 12, 13 and 14 years. This worker added that one person had the keys to Eric Trump’s bedroom. The workers at the club which got fired had come forward to share that the managers at the time of hiring knew that they were illegally present in the country. This crackdown was first reported by The Washington Post. Eric Trump was later approached for the matter, and he said that this was the normal course of action, firing employees. He added that the administration of the club was in process to identify illegal immigrants and if any such individuals are recognized, they would be fired immediately.

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