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A Diamond Mine Open to Public In Arkansas Can Make You Rich!

Written by Awais Ahmad

Diamond mine Arkansas

The place is known as Crater of Diamonds State Park or Diamond mine Arkansas. It’s open for public and anyone can go there for a Diamond hunt. There’s a small entry fee of $7 adults, $4 ages 6-12; equipment rental extra. If you want to know about the big finds keep reading because you will be surprise to know.

Big Finds


A canary diamond found in an Arkansas state park. This 3.85-carat diamond was found by teenager Tana Clymer on October 19 at Crater of Diamonds State Park. The yellow diamond is about the size of a jellybean.

Tana Clymer

The Lucky 14 year old found a 3.85-carat diamond in just 10 minutes, yes this is hard to believe. The diamond was approximately worth $20,000. This is a very big find indeed  for a young girl.

Wesley Oley Basham

It was a normal day for Wesley Olry Bashman but suddenly in the middle of the day he found the biggest diamond ever to be found  in Arkansas diamond mine.
Weighed 40.23 carats and worth over $150,000. This was the biggest find to date. The diamond was named as “Uncle Sam”.


40.23 carat “Uncle Sam”

Further Photos and Stats of Diamond Findings:

If you are interested in digging out more information on this diamond mine. Then they got an official website. The photos of recent findings can be found. The names of those who found them is also listed in the website.

Do They get to keep it?

Yes, the park have a finders keepers policy.

Most people Think diamonds are in Africa, not Arkansas. How did they get there?

About 100 million years ago there was a volcanic eruption. The eruption created an 83-acre crater. Due to eruption the rocks and minerals beneath the Earth were brought to the surface, and over time erosion has removed a lot of the lighter soil and left behind the heavier stuff, including diamonds and other gemstones.

Is the park ever going to run out of diamonds?

Not very likely. A private company was testing the land in 1990s. They drilled Down 600 feet, soon enough they ran out of drill before they ran out of soil, so there’s plenty of soil for everyone to dig. The test which was conducted determined that it’s the eighth largest diamond field in the world in terms of surface area. What we call the “pipe” of the volcanic crater is a little over 80 acres, and about 37.5 acres of that is our search area.

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