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9yo complains NBA star that his shoes are only for boys, he responds with surprise

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Stephen Curry according to his coach is an amazing player who knows how to evolve according to the situation. A sportsman above everything knows how to persist and this one quality is quite central to Stephen Curry. Sources call Curry an amazing human being as well. This story of a 9yo who came across Mr Curry is just plain amazing. Thus corroborates the fact that Mr Curry is an equally good human. A 9yo girl from California decided to write a letter to this basketball player. She wanted to complain the basketball player for the no availability of these particular shoes which were only available for men.

This kid wanted to buy a new pair for Stephen Curry shoes for the new hoops season. She tried to find these shoes desperately through every means included online store. However she was displeased to find that this particular brand of shoes was only available for men and boys. This girl like good kids decided to take the problem straight to the Stephen Curry.

The girl who couldn’t find her loved shoes.

The mother of the girl later shared the letter to the online world. She took a snap of the letter and shared it online. Now as everyone knows that cute things like the one done by this kid go viral instantly. The same kind of thing happened to this one incident, the post when shared by the mother went viral. In the letter the kid mentioned that she was 9yo old like Curry’s daughter. She also mentioned that she was a big fan of Stphen Curry. The mother praised the girl saying that it was her way of making difference.

The letter which Riley wrote

The kid was lucky that she had written the letter to a good hearted person. The letter could have been ignored. However as Stephen Curry is a good person thus he wrote a personal reply for the kid.

The mother was quite proud of the player. She preferred to thank him for the kind gesture. Thus she didn’t waste a second and made a tweet on the social media to pay some thanks to the amazing player.

Not only this, the problem with the online stores has also been fixed

Now the kids can buy those shoes without going for gender problem. The girls and boys sizes are both available online for the interested customers to purchase the item.

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