94 Percent of U.S. Teachers Spend Their ‘Own Money’ on ‘School Supplies’, Survey Finds Dilapidating Condition

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According to a survey carried out by the US federal Department of Education, 94 percent of the public school teachers in the US reported spending cash from their own income to get supplies for their students.

Regardless of the fact that a public school is located in a city, suburb or a rural area, almost every public school teacher claimed that they spend money from their own income for their students.

Andy Yung, a nursery teacher in Queens, NYC, has set up a donation account for the classroom projects, but still, he sometimes has to take money from his own account.

‘It’s almost expected, especially in the summer months creeping up into September – it’s just something we kind of naturally do,’ said Mr. Yung who is adept in fund collection.

The average spending of teachers was reported $479 and about 10th percentile of teachers reported spending even more than $1,000.

The sample size of the teacher was made up of tens of thousands throughout the nation, validate the demand the teachers are making in recent protests.

The protests proved to be effective because the protesters were able to extract concessions from Republican lawmakers, although the deals have not fully been met the teachers’ demands.

The average income of a public school teacher was below $60,000 last year, according to National Education Association.

The very limited funding has forced some teachers to gather funds outside for the classroom projects. Teachers are also using the crowdfunding websites to pay for their schools’ needs.

In March, Andy raised about $3,000 for a classroom project to teach his students about the insect. The project was a massive success, but the children demanded to see live insects, too.

‘I don’t want to deprive my kids of this awesome experience of witnessing a caterpillar turn into a butterfly and watching ants burrow because it’s such an interest that they have right now,’ he said. ‘So I went on Amazon.’

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