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This 900 HP Winnebago goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds

Written by Wamiq Ali

Do you enjoy those long summer trips with the family? Then massive & big vehicles might be your first preference in order to accommodate everyone. Visiting all the wonderful places requires a good vehicle especially with perfect horsepower which enables the driver to traverse that uphill distance. A vehicle meant for long distance must have a good capacity to store food and other things of necessity.

The right capacity with the right power, well Ringbrothers have done the modification of a vehicle and call it “Happy Camper”.

Those who are accustomed to the idea of slow RV, they’ll forget it after riding this modified one. This vehicle started its life in 1972 Winnebago Brave recreational vehicle but the Ringbrothers decided to get it on roads and turn it into a cruising machine. It has an insane 900 horsepower. It has been installed with an automatic transmission unit. The Ringbrothers decided to play with the engine but they kept the exterior of the vehicle almost same. This vehicle is now quite different from a 70s camper van.

Interior of the vehicle, Photo credits: Ring Brothers

Almost everything on the inside has been changed and that can be seen from the picture. The metal in the driver section has been enhanced using the minty green paint. A glass engine cover has been installed which makes the viewer have a look at supercharger poking out. The supercharger uses the power from the engine and then re-compresses the air which enhances the amount of oxygen getting to the engine.

Photo credits, Ring Brothers

A flat-screen TV has been added to the van. The seats are redone in the leather. It gives a comparatively classic look. A couple of custom neon lights are installed in the cabin. I’m sure that you can spend a lot of time in this cabin. Watch the take off video below:

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