9 ways on: How to overcome anxiety

Worrying about a problem doesn’t help you to solve it. Sometimes it helps you to get motivated about finding the solution to that problem but otherwise it can just anxiety or tension. Anxiety is feeling that can cause a constant discomfort to you. The question is that how to overcome anxiety? To overcome a problem first of all you need to overcome your anxiety because this will allow your mind to refresh a bit and it can work efficiently in finding the solutions. There are few simple yet effective and important tips which can help you to overcome your anxiety.

1- Consider the worst:

This is one of the best idea by which you can overcome your anxiety. If you are anxious about some problem try to imagine the worst in which you could get caught. This will lower the level of your anxiety and allow your mind to relax that you have been left with something. For example if you are anxious about getting admission into college or university than the worst which can happen with you is that you don’t get the admission. If you can program your mind to believe that fact it will certainly lower you anxiety level.

2- Accept uncertainty:

If you are anxious about any future event then the best thing to overcome your anxiety is that you should accept the fact that you don’t know how thing will go in future. Knowing this fact and believing that you can control the future will surely help you in relaxing your mood a bit.

3- Check the facts:

Another important tip to how to overcome anxiety is that you should get yourself aware of the facts regarding the trouble. Get to know about different possibilities about the news on which you are anxious about. Try to authenticate the news by your reliable sources. This practice will distract your mind from the problems and also you will get time to know the ground realities about the problem.

4- Solvable and unsolvable:

If you are anxious about something try to categories it into solvable or unsolvable worry. If it lies in the first category then put all your attention in solving that problem that is causing you all the anxiety but if the it lies in to the second category then try to make your mind believe that you can’t do anything about that problem and leave the result to fate.

5- Emotions are waves:

How to overcome anxiety? This question can be solved by training your mind a simple formula about the emotions that emotions are very much similar to the waves. The come and go for a very short period of time. They can’t occupy your mind for a longer period of time unless you allow them to do so. Anxiety just like all other emotions will be visiting your mind for shorter duration of time but if you allow it grab hold of your mind then it will surely make you uncomfortable.

6- Breathing trick:

You would surely have heard of this trick to overcome your anxiety. This trick always works. Let’s get through how this trick works. If you are feeling anxious about something, sit back and relax, try to breathe out for a longer duration than the time you breathe in. this will surely help you to relax your mind whatever the games your imaginations are playing with you.

7- Hangout with friends:

If you feel anxious about something and you don’t know how to overcome your anxiety, then the best thing you can do is to meet up with your friends, try to have hangouts or parties. This will not only allow your mind to forget the problem but also you can get away with some solution to your problem with the help of your friend.

8- Do something you enjoy:

If you are planning on how to overcome your anxiety than the answer lies in doing something which you enjoy a lot. Try to have some hobby or recreation that can lighten up your mood. Because constantly thinking about you problem will do no good but if can get out some time to relax your mind than it will freshen you up and after that you can work more efficiently.

9- Seek professional help:

If you have applied all you tricks and tips and yet you are facing anxiety than it is better that you should see some therapist and ask him for help. Have a complete session with him and try to solve your problems because somethings are not meant to be faced alone.