9 Best Video games Ever – Admit it You were Addicted to them too!

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Video games date back to the early age of computers. Video games started in 1940s and since then, there have been a lot of amazing games released by different companies. The following list of best games ever is based not on the ranking or graphics quality, but their quality and fame in their age. Many of the older ones listed here are still played around very much. I have tried to review these awesome games!

Super Mario – Addicted to this video Game since Childhood:

super mario

A classical storyline of a man saving his woman and the obstacles he has to face to do so accompanied by the ease and simplicity makes it one of the best video games ever. There are different version available starting from Mario Bros released in 1983. If you ask someone who had access to a computer in childhood about the games he played, it will be there in the list for sure.

Tekken 3 – One of the Hit Fighting Games:

tekken 3

It is one of the most played games since its release in 1998. The 21 different characters available to play with and different signature moves make it an awesome game. Every average game has a prime time and it fades away with time, but even after 16 plus years, you can still find tournaments of this game being organized. The feature of single player against computer and two player mode makes it one of the most popular games in gaming stations. It is indeed one of the best games ever. The later versions of this series have not gotten the fame like this version despite of their better graphics.

Virtua Cop 2 – Used to Play this in Childhood:

The legend of the shooting games. You could have found this game in almost every computer in late 90s and the decade after. This game is considered to be the base of all the shooting games and almost every gamer has played this game to start with. It is still played by some people, especially the kids due to its ease and the growing difficulty level.

Need For Speed (NFS):

When it comes to Car Racing, no game whatsoever comes to beat the NFS series. The best games of this series are the NFS II SE, which was the second edition of the game. Tracks and cheat codes made this game a huge success other than its amazing cars and multiplayer option. The things kept getting better for this fame and the next big thing was NFS Most Wanted, the 4th in series. The versions of game most played now are NFS RUN, NFS MW2 and NFS MW dependent on the gamer and the ability of his PC. The storyline of each game becomes more and more interesting and it leads it to being in the list of best video games ever.

Counter Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6):

Virtua Cop was the premier in the first person shooting games and the next big thing was Counter Strike 1.6. This game is still played very much in different areas. It is one of the best ever video games due to its many features, the pioneer being the multiplayer option. You can connect up to 32 computers together and play against each other. Terrorist and Counter Terrorists battle for their supremacy and a variety of guns, grenades and other stuff they use and a collection of maps to battle made this game a huge success. The online playing option of this game allows you to play globally with players from different parts of the world to see what you are made of and compete to be renowned.

Call of Duty (COD):

COD is kind of like Counter Strike, but with a better touch of reality and team work. The most played game in this series is Modern Warfare. Same as CS, COD is a first person shooting multiplayer and single player video game. The updated version of this game are also available to play with enhanced skills and missions to complete but Modern Warfare takes the lead in terms of its requirements and the wide spread tournaments organized.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA):

Shooting, Racing, Fighting, and Boating, all in a mixture can be seen in this series of games. GTA’s earlier versions were simple looking with all the facilities that a city has like parks, railways, etc. that were used for different purposes. The reason of this series being one of the best video games ever is the evolution from its GTA Vice City version. The cheat codes allow you to convert your car to a boat or an air plane as well. There a list of codes that make the game fun for kids as well. The character that you control in the game is a hired gun and you get different jobs to take care of. The jobs are from rescuing to killing people as well.

Assassins Creed:



Ever fantasize yourself being an assassin on a mission after watching movies? Play this game to control your assassin and come up with plans to execute a mission within the given conditions. The real life conditions and the routine in shopping places make it one of the best video games. You can see the characters trying to hide and do all the stuff that you see in movies to save their lives. You also inspect the conditions around, get into brawls to get the attention, hide in safe houses just as your favorite assassin does in movies. The continuous development of the game continues to add more features and you also get to know the land by spending some time and getting the required information from the locals.

Street Fighter:

Street fighter is one of the pioneer of the fighting games. There are many versions of this game available and same as Mario and Tekken, this game is still being played in many regions and the kids especially love to play it. The simple kicks and punches and the special combos when the same buttons are pressed in a particular sequence make this game a simple and one of the best video games ever made.

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