9 Best money saving tips – Don’t go Bankrupt

Money has led its way into our life and affecting it in a very critical manner. Money or currency started out way back into the history and replace the old barter system in which you can exchange your goods like eatables and other items. as in today’s world the old barter system has become obsolete and we are totally dependent on the money for our benefits as we can’t even survive without money as you would also need many to buy food. In today’s corporate world everyone has a main aim of earning money. Not only earning money is important, you should also be having ideas on how to save money and use it efficiently. Here are some of the money saving tips which you can apply to your daily life and save money for your own benefits.

1) Try to avoid advertisements:

The more you watch the advertisements either they are on television or on your way to office, the more urge you will have to buy different items whether needing them or not. Eye catching price and beautiful display pictures will lead you to buy even those things you can’t even use in next 5 years or so. So id if you avoid the large bill boards on your way to office or try to minimize the time which you spend on watching the television you can save a lot of money.

2) Make a shopping list:

Another important money saving tips is that whenever you are going out for a shopping, do make a list of different items which you are going to need in next month. While shopping try to stick with it. As during shopping you can easily be impressed by colorful display of different things and ended up in buying them even you are not going to need them. This habit is going to save you a lot of money.

3) Repair, not replace:

Another one of the most important money saving ideas is that if you have something broken or not working, first of all check for any warranty claims. If the item has any type of warranty then use the customer support of that company otherwise try to repair it on your own rather than replacing it. This is going to save you a handful of cash.

4) Try to swap entertainment items:

Down the list of money saving tips another one is that you should try to swap your entertainment items like DVDs, Magazines, Video Games, and Books etc. with your friends rather than buying the new ones. If you can’t swap them with your friends or you a different taste than theirs, then you can use any online swapping services. You can make or join different groups on social media that provide swapping services for entertainment items.

5) Avoid plastic cash:

Among the important Money saving tips, there is a tip that you should avoid plastic cash (credit or debit card) as this is very easy to spend specially in case of credit card. For example you are walking through a mall and something caught your attention and you make up your mind on buying it now even though if you don’t have enough cash in your hand but if you have credit card you are going to buy it as you don’t have to worry about cash right now. But if you don’t have a credit card with you then you are not going to buy it.

6) Avoid expensive habits:

Another important money saving idea is that you should avoid all your expensive habits. For example if you got a habit of cigarettes, or alcohol try to get rid of it as soon as possible as this is not only effecting your health but also draining out your cash.

7) Rent out free space in your house:

Another money saving tips is that if you do have some extra space in your house which your family is not using for example if you have single room on you first floor which you aren’t using try to give it on rent to someone you can trust. Make sure that this practice is not disturbing your privacy. This is going to earn you money which you can use somewhere else like the maintenance of your house.

8) Buy used cars:

Another important money saving tips is that if you are planning to buy a car always go for used vehicle. This practice is very helpful because buying a car on lease will cost you more money even more than its original cost but if you buy a used vehicle you can get it on less price but make sure that it is in perfect condition and doesn’t require any kind of maintenance.

9) Use public transport:

The most helpful money saving idea is that if you have a convenient and easily available public transport on your way to work than you should take public transport rather than taking your own car. This money saving idea is going to save you a lot of cash which you spend on fuel.