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83yo Marine keeps promise he made in Vietnam nearly 50-year ago

Quite a beautiful story which I have heard in a while and this actually will make you believe in the power of a promise made under some queer circumstance in the war of life and death. So these two army-brothers during a war made a promise almost 50 years ago from today and it lasted up to the day when one of the brothers died and that automatically nulled the promise.
It was a new year evening in 1968 and master Sergeant William Cox and first Sergeant James Hollingsworth were in a bunker in the Marble Mountains of Vietnam and this is where they made a pact as they feared that they would not be making out alive, the pact they made was that if they survived this calamitous situation then they were going to touch base every year on new years.

The promise was to meet each other every year in the event of the new year. This started nearly 50 years ago and it is quite amazing to know that Cox kept his promise for nearly 5 decades. The two men kept their promise until Hollingsworth death.

This time cox kept his promise One Last time.

The enemy was really putting on a fireworks show for us,” Cox tells the audience to give them a flavour of things at that time when they were stuck in a bunker during Vietnam war.

The Cox made the funeral special and gave the eulogy at his brother’s funeral. “Hollie, you keep ‘em flying, and I’ll keep ‘em firing,” – the last message of Cox to his brother. Cox also stood as a guard at Hollingsworth’s funeral along with his casket. At an age of 83, the old man stood without a cane.

This is something rare to be seen among the friends. The nearing death made them brothers for life.

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