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8-year-old boy raises money to buy his disabled bestie a new & better wheelchair

Written by Wamiq Ali

Paul Burnett, 8-year-old, met Kamden Houshan in Kindergarten and they both became best friends. The bond between them grew strong and they played superheroes and made goofy videos.

Fortunately, Paul never looked at Kamden as disabled. Others used to look at Karden’s disability and sometimes used to pity him but Paul had a different eye. Kamden was born with a tumour in his vertebras. The tumour was so large that it literally engulfed his spinal cord. The spinal cord is the major part of the body which supports the skeleton. The tumour affected the spinal cord. The kid underwent three surgeries to de bulk the tumour. Kamden is paraplegic and relies on a wheelchair.

The wheel chair which Kamden previously had was bulky and heavy for the little boy. It made it hard for Kamden to push it with his hands. It was also aiding in causing accidents for the little boy. The last accident happened on a farm which the boys visited for some fun.

Paul got terrified when the wheelchair flipped and ejected Kamden. The state’s Medicare only paid Kamden family enough to buy a wheelchair in 5 years. Paul knew that he couldn’t wait to bring change in Kamden’s life.

Pail started an online campaign asking others for help. He had watched a video about fundraising websites and he thought to start a fund raising campaign himself.

The campaign soon crossed $3900, the required amount for a custom wheelchair. The campaign was live at Go Fund Me.

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