8 Tips on How to gain self confidence

Human makes mistakes throughout their lives but how they overcome those mistakes increases their self-confidence.  Self-confidence is in build phenomena but very few people capitalize on it and gain more however many others show them on the mercy of this world and are never successful.

how to gain self confodence

1- Combination of self-esteem and self-efficacy:

In the context of how to gain self confidence, the concepts of self-esteem- and self-efficacy are pretty important to understand. When you know your core competencies, and believe in yourself (self-esteem) and have the capability to accomplish something in life (self-efficacy), self- confidence is increased to many folds.  As said earlier, with low self- efficacy and self-esteem, believe in oneself is decreased and with low self-confidence, one is not able to achieve goals and contribute anything towards life.

2- How to gain self confidence:

So does it mean that self-confidence is in built and can’t be gained or raised? No absolutely not, self-confidence can be increased with the help of counseling and changing little thinking processes. In this article, we are going to study few ways which can help anyone gain self- confidence and thus achieve all the desired goals in life:-

3- Think Positive:

See the glass half full, not half empty. Yes if anyone ask you how to gain self confidence, ask this adage and then say “think positive”. At times, we listen no, I can’t, I won’t, and I am unable types of voices from within us.  This is all pessimistic views which come from within us, don’t listen to them. Whenever you hear such things, reply with yes, I can, I will and I am able to face all obstacles in the way of reaching of goal and objective. Thinking positive solves half the problem. It is said the inner motivation is the best drive one can have. So motivate yourself and reward yourself.

4- Capitalize on your Weakness:

Don’t let your weakness haunt you. Try to capitalize on you weakness and invest in them. If you think you are slow in working, convert it into good thought; say I am slow in working because I am cautious, I take special care when performing my job, I am extra vigilant and I do my duty to the best of my abilities; that is why I take more time than normal employee. See this way, with a shift in the thought process; one will be able to build self- confidence and motivate oneself. Capitalizing on weakness is directly related to positive thinking. If you think bad, you will not be able to work on your weaknesses and do something good. On the other hand, with little effort, you can be a star.

5- Building Relations with Positive people:

The role of the people you meet determines your success in life and your personal and professional grooming. Family, friends, acquaintance and relatives; all play either a positive or negative role in our lives. Thus it is up to you, where do you want to lead? If you want to get more, live happy and gain self- confidence, you will like to live close to those people who play a positive role in your life. You will love the company of all those who are always there to appreciate you and motivate you. On the other hand, all those people who always find faulty in you and your work shall be avoided by you. You will try not to meet such people who play negative role in your life and are jealous of your success. So reach such people who are positive, happy in your success and help in your grooming and building self- confidence.

6- Don’t live in your past, rather learn from it:-

How to gain confidence makes us explore our true potential. Past is gone and those who live in past are also never successful. When people question how to gain self-confidence, one should remember past, is to learn from, to gain from and to make them better. Past is a lesson and if you keep thinking about your previous failures, you will not be able to think forward. Trust today, think about tomorrow and make your plans. Don’t completely forget your past, just ignore all the negativity and take all your previous failures as a chance to do better in coming days. Past is a lesson and it helps you in gaining self- confidence for future endeavors.

7- Don’t underestimate yourself:

Never ever underestimate yourself; rather give yourself a credit every now and then. Again the concept of positive thinking comes here. Taking pride in oneself, celebrating success, acknowledging accomplishment, rewarding you; these are smaller ways to gain self- confidence.

8- Smile at Yourself:

It may seem weird to some people but facing mirror and smile at oneself is the excellent way of building self-confidence. Trust me, when I am happy on my success’ I look at the mirror and smile at myself, rather at times even laugh. The feeling gives me happiness and my shoulders are lifted, I take pride in myself.

How to gain self confidence is not difficult. It is all about our inner being; if we are happy from inside, we are the happiest person on this planet. But if our inner self is sad, no happiness of the world can make us happy. So believe in yourself and be happy!