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7yo boy compared to Usain Bolt after he conquers 100 m record

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Sports is a necessary element for anyone’s life, as it helps the player learn a lot of necessary things, like patience, ability to accept loss and persistence. A good player has all these abilities as he lands in the ground where match is about to be held. Surprisingly, a very few people consider him a sportsman outside the sphere of sports ground, like a player is formed after numerous years of discipline and persistence, hence practicing the rules of game is a necessary thing in the life of a sportsman, therefore it makes his life a play ground in real life, where he exercises his agility and practice. A little guy is quicker than normal people, Rudolph ‘Blaze’ Ingram cna run the 100-meter distance and he completes this in 13.48 seconds. The kid is merely 7 years old and he has already surprised the world. The recent video of him running the 100-meter has been uploaded on the social media. Well, this record time is enough for anyone to go for a jog in the morning, as this is motivating. This kid shows that anything is possible.

Ingram had ran the same distance of 100-m in the last year, in the month of August. He had completed this distance in 14.59 seconds. However, recently he shaved off 1.5 seconds off his time in the latest race, he shared this update on his Instagram page. The current world record is of 13.67 which belongs to a kid of the same age of Ingram. The experts after looking at his projections believe that he is going to be the next Usain Bolt in the upcoming years once he becomes an adult. The 7yo kid also ran the 60 meters in 8.69 seconds as he posted a proof on his Instagram.

The kid is indeed talented and it would be just to compare him with Usain Bolt. Definitely he has many years to look forward to and eventually he would improve himself. The dad of the kid shared on Instagram that he was happy that his kid might have become the world’s fastest 7yo in the the field of racing. An Instagram post uploaded shows that the kid works hard in the studies too. He obtained good grades in the Science, Introduction to Computers, Music and Physical Education. Further, he obtained B grades in Language Arts, Social Studies and Art.

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