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7 facebook tricks You didn’t knew about !

facebook tricks

Many of us use the popular social networking website Facebook every day, doing some mundane thing over and over again. Be it uploading or downloading pictures, updating statuses, messaging and group chatting or checking out a friend’s profile etc.

Yet in spite of our daily Facebook usage, many of us have never tinkered with the default settings of Facebook and never thought how these little Facebook tricks could make the whole experience easier, convenient and time saving.

Here are 7 Facebook tricks that will be very useful for you.

1) Facebook tricks: Modify Status Update font

By default, Facebook provides with one standard font. So why don’t you surprise everyone and change your font next time you update your status.

Go to Facebook font changer page found on the web. Choose the update you want and copy paste that style right into your status update page in Facebook. Now you have a cool different Facebook font.

2) Facebook tricks: Choose Who Sees You Online on Chat?

By default everyone can see when you are online on FB. A green circle next to your name indicates you are online and ready to chat. .

Initiating the chat yourself is good while initiations from other people can sometime be a nuisance and you might not be ready to chat at the moment. There is a simple way to simple hide your status updates to only a few people to show yourself available to them while you can show yourself as unavailable for chat or offline to others.

See a little settings gear icon on right hand corner in small chat window. It os on the bottom of Facebook. Click on it and then go to chat advanced settings Facebook.

Just enter the people you want to be seen available to and save the new settings for this to take effect.

3) Facebook tricks: Sync Facebook and Google calendar of your account

Due to the increasing usage of android smartphones, Google calendar have virtually become your secretary. This is how important Google calendar is these days. Now you can even link your google calendar with your Facebook calendar events.

Click on events in Facebook. Select upcoming tabs and then options tab. There you can choose to export event option. That will sync your Facebook Calendar event to Google calendar, along with all the details.

4) Facebook tricks: Stun friends with a “Blank” comment !

You can post blank comment on your friend’s post. This will surely amaze them and urge them to start a conversation about what you are thinking.

Hold Alt key and then type from numeric pad “0173”. Release the Alt key and press enter. That it! You just entered a puzzling blank comment !

5) Facebook tricks: Uphold your privacy and Stop Facebook from Tracking Your Every Move

You will surely have seen advertisements on the corner of your Facebook page. These advertisements are based on your search history and are called target ads.

Since Facebook is free for use, it makes money by making its user base available for targeted advertising.

If you don’t want to be a statistic being kept constant track of by Facebook, just install Facebook disconnect extension for Chrome or Firefox.

One the extension is installed, it will ask you if you want to enable it. Once activated, all tracking from Facebook will stop.

6) Facebook tricks: Get Customized Facebook Activity Summary in Your Email

You might have wished that Facebook send you a quick summary of whatever interesting happened during a day instead of logging on to Facebook multiple times.

NutshellMail does exactly that. It can work with twitter as well as Facebook. The unique feature of Nutshellmail is that you can heavily customize what sort of alerts you want to get from Facebook.

For example, one can choose to get email alerts from only a certain group of friends, about messages, about certain Facebook pages, about notifications and specific elements of Newsfeed as well. instance, you can choose to get email alerts from only certain friends, about tagged photos, about messages, about notifications, about certain Facebook pages and also about specific elements from your News Feed.

Once setup, the email will be a great way to receive notification from Facebook without logging into Facebook multiple times a day, saving you from wasted Facebook browsing.

7) Facebook tricks: Delete Facebook Account

Facebook is used by billions. For some though, it just gets on the nerves and has become a nuisance. If you plan to never use your FB account again, it makes sense to delete the account.

To completely delete your FB account, you can do a couple of options.

One is to go to Settings > Security > Deactivate your Account. After this Facebook will ask you a couple of reasons as to why you want to deactivate your account. Choose the one that suits your reason and deactivate account. You will get a warning if you own any Facebook pages that they will be deactivated as well unless you assign somebody else as admins.

You will still receive emails if you are tagged or invited to groups etc. Uncheck this box in preference and then confirm deactivation to get off Facebook.

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