7 best productivity apps to make you more organized

Productivity is defined as the output per unit input. The input can be of any type depending upon the output wanted and task in hand. It includes labor, capital, and time etc. In the professional life, either in market or any management organization, there is always a rush to get the things done earliest possible and improve the productivity. In all the rush and hectic routine, you can aid the productivity improvement using your smartphone having the best productivity apps. There are a lot of apps available on stores that you can use and you can chose the one which suits you the most. Here are some of the best productivity apps being used and appreciated by users.


last pass

While in market, you get to deal with a lot of people via email and other social networking apps to stay in touch and work together to increase production. Using personal computers and using multiple accounts on different forums calls for that many login details and entering everything each time you get a task is a wastage of time. A very helpful way to do that is to save all the details and get it filled with a single click. LastPass is one of the best productivity apps as it offers you to save the details and autofill all details with a single click. You just have to enter the details yourself and save it, the rest is up to the app to get it done. You can save a lot of time doing this.



A job calls for a lot of travelling especially when you have to organize events or arrange meetings for your organization. There are many instances when you have to reschedule the plane for some urgent task to be completed before you leave. If you don’t have much experience with travelling and flights, you might get a trouble and being late is not good for business. TripIt gives you the alternate flight route to reach the destination in time. With its premium version, you can also get the live light monitoring and many other features that make you trip arrangements a lot easier.


Evernote From Playstore for Android

A wonderful app to help you in business and routine life is Evernote. It allows you to note the things you need to remember and also arrange them as you wish. You can add digital media like photos and videos if you want as an attachment of something to be done. Even when you get a lot of things recorder on you device, it is not hard to find anything recorded a long ago and simply search the item you want. Another feature that makes it one of the best productivity apps is that you can access your stored material from any of your devices, it doesn’t have to be same as you have stored in. This gives you ease to make notes on the go as well.



Memory is a vital component of relationships in professional life and you can’t store everything in your mind and get it out when required. There are a lot of instances that you come across where you see someone but can’t remember a thing about them. This sometimes also leads to missing an opportunity. A simple way to remember all that is the use of Refresh app on you device. You can link a person to his accounts on social or professional networking site and also recorded certain things that might be helpful later like a visit with them or when you first met or where did you meet etc. This helps you make a good impression developing a good relation with partners.


You don’t always have to sleep or work during flights or road trips. There are many instances that you get to an urgent trip and you don’t get the details at the departure and are scheduled to be briefed on arrival. What you can do the best in such situations is to spend time reading something helpful and that would most certainly require internet connection and that might be a problem sometimes. Pocket allows you to store some articles in your device so you can read them offline as well. It is quite helpful to get knowledge about certain stuff as well and that helps in productivity improvement as well. If you know how to do something, it is way safer to give it a shot rather than knowing by giving a shot.


A simple answer to the question “How to increase productivity?” is to reduce the idle time and the time spent in useless things and utilize that in something productive. When you are dealing with organizing stuff, you can waste a lot of time in arranging things rather than getting something done. IFFFT allows you to automate your mobile a bit using the conditions of “if this”, “then that”. You can set the preferences to arrange things in an order you like by applying these conditions and get the things done in an efficient way. This is a unique feature that takes it to the best productivity apps list and rank it at reasonably high level.

Google Keep

There are a lot of applications that you can make notes with but the visuals are not such that you can see all of them at once. Search feature is also there but Google Keep provides a special ability to arrange the notes just like the sticky notes on the screen. In this way you can see all the notes at once and you can also make the list of things to do. There can be changes in routine and deadlines so the priority of tasks can change and using Google Keep, you can simply shift them up and down on your screen to change the order.