69yo pensioner loses battle in court to get his age reduced to 49 years

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People can be sometime weird and this one old pensioner did exactly the same. He wanted to get his age changed because he felt younger than the usual. Thus, he filed a petition in the court to direct the concerned departments for re-write his reduced age. He is 69 years old and wants to get his age reduced to 49 years. The only argument which he made against his age reducing campaign was that if gender can be changed legally and names can be altered then what was the hurdle for getting age changed.

Thus based on his argument he decided to launch a legal battle. He simply wanted to shave off those extra 20 years which made him retired. He is a self-styled positivity couch and maybe that’s what forced him to get his age changed. He said in an interview that his official age should have been changed to 49 years since he felt younger at the age of 69. There were other reasons he quoted for such a unique demand. He said that because of his age he felt problems. Problems like:

  • People didn’t take him seriously because of his age.
  • He faced problems in dating because women didn’t like to hang out with an older guy.
  • He said that he felt abused and aggrieved because of the societal behaviour towards his age.
  • Buying a property was also an issue because of his age.

These problems combined together and he decided to get his age change. However, court thinks otherwise. The court doesn’t want to set an unusual precedent. The court recorded:

Mr Ratelband is at liberty to feel 20 years younger than his real age and to act accordingly.


The court further added that if those 20 years were removed from his age then that would cause serious problems to the contracts he made and liabilities he earned. Since those 20 years would vanish, thus there would arise numerous legal problems. Thus to avoid those undesirable problems, the court decided to turn him down.

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