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6 Year Old uses sleeping Mom’s thumbprint to buy Pokemon Items on Smartphone

Written by Wamiq Ali

6 years old are quite fast in today’s world. Evolution seems to play an important role. Ashlynd Howell is her name and she used her mother’s thumbprint to order some amazing cute Pokemon toys. Her mother was sleeping on the couch when the deal happened. Both the parents also received the messages that some transaction has been done, they thought that their online identity has been compromised. But later, they found out that their daughter is behind all this happening.

They thought she did a wrong job, but upon asking she told them that “She was merely shopping” , well shopping ain’t a crime. But kids, remember shopping without permission is a bad thing, because you don’t know how much it’s hard to earn money, so seeking parents advisory is important.

Ashlynd with her Gifts.

This child is now an internet sensation and everyone knows her as a cute hacker. Since, this is the most innocent and genius way to hack someone, then we also need to take care of our thumbnail while we are asleep. You can also bypass this feature by setting up a number keyword for the unlock screen. There is another suggestion which you can take, that is to wear the gloves while sleeping and this might prevent you from giving away the thumb impressions. Watch the video below for more details:


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