6 Amazing books that will change your life

Books are the excellent companion of life. Besides this books are friends, they offer asylum from noise, they are perfect mean to do away with loneliness. There are certain books that will change your life, if you go through them in your lifetime. Some people are so fond of reading that every day they read before going to bed.

In the category of books that will change your life, I also went through few which changed my life altogether.


1- Chicken Soup:

Chicken soup is an inspirational book which is derived into short stories by various people who undergo some sort of changes, challenges in their lives and the way they counter such events with positive or negative outcomes.  Chicken soup is divided into many sub books like on love, friendship, parenting, on kids and on spiritual knowledge. I have myself completed few series and suggest all friends to read. It is so inspiring to know how people mold their lives themselves while how others are forced and compelled to change their ways of living when life confronts them. Man is a social animal and they prefer living within community to remain safe. This relationship is symbiotic and expects lots of sacrifices too. On love, chicken soup tells stories regarding love between parents, between friends, between kids and their nannies, kids with their pets etc.  Similarly all themes are designed .The writing style is so superb that one gets inspired by merely connections between various entities. One thing I may like to mention is chicken soup is in a category of books that will change your life.

2- Da Vinci Code:

Dan Brown, the controversial of all books and which was later on even banned, is well written in terms of plot and the explanation of events. The best thing about the book was description of historical places, events and their alignments. Though the language is slightly difficult but beautiful words make the book even more worth reading. One thing I may like to say is the way with which book is written; one finds himself into the story. I myself got so absorbed in the book that I would wait for the night to come so I get a chance to resume reading.

3- Angels and Demons:

Another masterpiece by Dan Brown is angels and demons. The book is little linked with da vinci code with almost same characters, however there is some variation in the plot. The suspense, theme and thrill is the same and it makes reader excited and anxious to imagine what comes next.

4- Peer-e-Kamil:

This is little different from typical books but an excellent piece of writing. The book is written in Urdu and describes a life of a common man. Though the plot is little sensitive to a particular sect of society, but even if we ignore this thing; the book itself is a masterpiece. It shows the spiritual relationship and feeling of human and makes us understand that If we are true at heart and ask for something with open and clean mind & heart, we are blessed for sure. It can also be stored in the categories of books that will change your life.

Book is written by Pakistani author “Umera Ahmed”, who is known for many masterpieces in literature.

5- Half the Sky:

I am not wiring about this book because I am a woman myself, but in reality this book should and must be read by all men to understand the concept of women holding half the sky.  The original idea of the title has been taken from Chinese proverb whose original meaning are “women hold up half the sky. According to book lovers, reading it changes the mindset of all men altogether and even the author is so sure that men will end up doing something for his wife, sister, mothers and sisters. The impact of the book is so strong on the minds of men that their thinking towards woman will also change.

6- Romantic Novels:

If you are on for a romantic reading then I feel after Sydney Sheldon, I find Judith McNaught series of romantic novels. The list includes “A kingdom of dreams” , Whitney, My Love’, “someone to watch over me” “Remember when”, “Every breath you take” and “Night Whisper”. As the name of the novel shows, each series is a perfect blend of love, suspense, emotions and relationships.  The royal era is so beautifully described in most novels that one find totally immersed in that era and feel a part of it. Apart from Royal era, some novels also talks about the modern era and modern time but the overall theme, characters and their associations is excellently described.

In this era of digitalization and information technology, habits of book reading is diminishing and people are more into gadgets, tabs etc. I personally feel that book reading is an excellent habit and we all must take out some time and devote our energies to this productive habit. Books are the perfect companions and a good friend in case you need anyone.