50yo mother mistaken for 17yo son’s sister

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Shany Hagan is constantly mistaken for her son’s sister because of her fitness level and looks. This might appear like a cliche statement which most men would argue to be false. However, Miss Hagan claims otherwise as she shared her story with Lad Bible.

Miss Hagan called herself a permanent member of the singledom club because she could not get into a relationship. On sharing the reason behind her being a single mom, she rested her blame on her looks; as she told Lad Bible that people often believed her to be a sister of her son. However, in reality she is a mother.

Shany Hagan with her son a couple of years back

The 50yo mother is not facing problem in the area of relationship alone, in fact she faces troubles when she visits any place where under-eighteen people are not allowed. She faces restriction in such cases and she has to produce her ID to prove herself above eighteen. The authorities then feel a little perplexed. Shany went a step ahead and described her experience with her son’s friend as pretty bad, she blamed them to brand her as a hot mother.

When she became a little comfortable, she further shared a story of an accident. Lad Bible reported that the 50yo mother became a cause of an accident when a 30-something driver became busy in staring the mother. He eventually pulled out in front of a lorry and it smashed into him.

The relation with her son is pretty amazing. According to the mother, she is pretty much done with everyone and it’s her son whom she believes is trustable. She accepted that her son is the only person with whom she felt comfortable. However, on occasions even her son claimed herself to be more younger looking than him.

Shany Hagon with her son, a recent picture

When asked by people, the secret behind her young looks, she replies that her single status is the main cause. She has to handle no stress in life which comes because of a man of a person to whom you need to stay genuine and often compromise.

Often people believe that the mother went through some surgery or medical procedures; however, she rules out any such possibility. She says that she never went through any cosmetic procedure. Even as a young mother, other women of her age attempted to keep their husbands away, because they believed that somehow she would steal their husbands.

50yo mother wins beauty pageants

Going a step ahead, the mother decided to go for beauty pageants. She has also won four pageants so far. She has won over thousands of contestants who were half her age. So far, she has been crowned Miss Congeniality at the Ms Galaxy UK pageant and runner-up in the Face of the World.

50yo mother poses for a picture

Sharing some of her beauty tips, the mother said that she uses honey on her skin to keep it young. She also takes balanced diet and proper intake of water. However, above everything the mother believes that her good looks are because of her genetics.

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