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50-year-old woman marries a 12-year-old guy for an interesting experiment

An excellent use of fame, when a famous YouTuber stepped forward to make awareness on the issue of child marriage. Coby Persin staged fake marriage at Times Square in New York City involving a 50-year-old ‘bride’ and her 12-year-old ‘groom’.

He made it appear like both of them just got married and were posing for photographs. His main goal was to see if the people would react to this bizarre behavior, and if so, what would be the response of people.

This is not the first time the YouTuber did such a thing, he did this in the past but in that case the older person was a male. Then after researching upon the matter he found out that boys are also the victim of these bizarre practices.

Upon landing on the new about boys research he decided to do this video.

In the famous YouTuber’s video, the young boy, wearing a tuxedo, appears to be clearly distressed, remains silent, and not even once gives a smile. The white-gown-clad old bride, quite the opposite, appears to be happy and cheerful, and apparently shows no problem telling the age of her very young fake ‘husband’.

When asked, she told people she has taken permission from the young boy’s parents and claims this supposed sham marriage is thus fully legal.

A marriage such as the one shown in the video would, in fact, be against the law in the New York state, where the footage was taken. In June 2017, a new law made it illegal a person under the age of 17 to marry, as reported by Human Rights Watch at the time.

Watch the entire experiment:

The video has been uploaded by Coby Persin on the YouTube. We all hope that you might like the experiment.

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