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50 Cent claims that he’d destroy Conor McGregor in a street fight

Conor McGregor as we all know is a popular mixed martial artist and a boxer. He is a well-known former UFC lightweight champion. The guy is not destined to spend any moment of his career quietly. We all are aware of the incoming news storm when he locked his horns with the Floyd Mayweather. The guy knows how to cash his popularity and to remain in the news for a longer time.

So I believe that it is not in his nature to sit back and allow the world to pass by him. A recent stir regarding the Conor McGregor was caused by the famous rapper 50 Cent. 50 Cent claimed that he would beat Conor McGregor in a street fight after the UFC lightweight champion called him out.

Conor was on a Press tour when he randomly called out the rapper a b**** and then he further preceded to call him out a ‘fake money b****’. Conor did not take a second to claim that 50 Cent will soon go bankrupt.


?what the fuck wrong wit this white boy, you fighting Floyd not me fool. LOL

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The above video is where the 50 Cent released a response to Conor. 50 Cent didn’t take a second to call him a white boy and a fool. Looks like this kind of fight will keep going on between the two celebrities.

Several days after the McGregor was beaten by Mayweather, after he lost the game, 50 Cent started talking trash about McGregor. Someone during a Press Conference asked him that if he could take down Conor McGregor to which he replied, “In the street yeah! come on! he weighs 150 Pounds man.

A few weeks later after his claims made into the headlines, another reporter asked him if he will still go forward to fight with McGregor and he went off.

Right now, when he’s at 154 pounds?” 50 clarified. “I’m 225 right now! They don’t understand this is heavyweight shit going on around here. I hit them, they see a white light. They hear a message. Slow down, boy. They think Jesus is talking to them. Outside the confinements of the sport. If you got into a [street] fight, it’s a different thing.

There are other numerous occasions when 50 Cent went ahead to bash Conor.


What the fuck is going on. ? ok Floyd just knock this fool out. #50centralbet

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The rapper didn’t end here and he further posted a series of pictures to attack McGregor.

The Conor McGregor has not fought a UFC match in nearly 14 months and his fellow fighters are currently calling him out so let’s see when does his next match happens.

A few weeks back the bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw mocked Conor McGregor by saying that he is not Connor as he is going to be actively defending his belts. He further added that he is not afraid to fight unlike Conor McGregor. Mayweather retired after defeating McGregor in boxing.

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