5 tips on how to get a girlfriend

3. Approach her and Give genuine compliment

A pretty good reason behind remaining single is the lack of courage. Most guys don’t attempt to talk to a girl which they believe might be interesting. One should always take a chance and must not be afraid of a rejection. However, while availing a chance, confidence and respect must always be used. One can’t success in getting a girlfriend if he lacks a respect for the women.

After approaching a woman, one good way to start a conversation can be to show some genuine praise of her personality. The praise need to be materialistic in nature. You need to be creative here and one rule you should follow is to be genuine. Don’t attempt at throwing a fake praise on her face, women can actually differentiate between something false or true.

Incase if you say something which isn’t genuine then it’s going to bite your relationship in the future. Humans can not always pretend something for a longer period of time, sooner or later they just fall in line with the reality.

You can also tease her a little, but that doesn’t mean going all the way physical. Instead, you can start off with a joke or something in the same line as of humour. For instance, if a girl says that she likes cat, you can say, “Wait … you’re a cat lady? How many cats do you have? Something more than number 9 is not gonna work.”

4. Plan on a Meetup-cum-Date and Be a good Listener

Many people want a good listener in their company. Similarly, that happy looking girl which you are about to earn as a girlfriend has also her issues. Therefore, being a good listener and reading between the lines would help you learn more about her. It doesn’t mean that you should just plan on being a silent spectator, instead you should not break her momentum and must use different ways to show her that you do respect her opinions.

Further, in order to be a good listener, you also need to decide a meeting place. Therefore, try to align yourself up with her schedule and make sure you find a sweet spot in her busy routine. That spot should be something which she might not be able to refuse. Don’t look for early signs of affection when you are just planning on to meet her. If she’s busy, then make sure to show some flexibility. However, don’t lose your respect in the process and make sure to remain confident.

For instance, suppose you meet her up in a coffee shop, and after getting her number you might be able to suggest her a better coffee shop in the future. If you are sending an invitation through a text message, one rule which you should follow is to send the text and forget it.

Similarly, being a good listener means that you don’t bring up any odd topic. You two are there for fun, rather than proving yourself as a political correct individual. There are certain topics which produce conflict and one should always avoid such topics during the first meet up.

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