5 times pizza places nailed the drawing requests

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Pizza is probably loved by almost everyone. There are a lot of pizza vendors which make delicious pizza and in turn sell a lot. The profit ratio in eatables is preferably huge. Pizza is said to be a mouth-watering dish of Italian origin. A recent trend cringed pizza lovers after a few people were seen topping their pizza with pineapple. Cheese is one important component of pizza, other important component is the presentation. Box packing of pizza falls in its presentation. The better the packing, the better are chances of customer satisfaction. There are a few companies which often try to make their customers laugh. Therefore, they make use of some puns and jokes.

These pizza places decided to troll their customers

Someone asked to put on a joke in the pizza packing. The restaurant owners decided to troll this customer. Thus, they put a mirror inside so that when the customer opens the box for a joke, he might see his own face.

Looks like someone spammed the “Order Now” page of the pizza hut and forgot to remove their signature of sending pictures. The pizza hut was quick to respond to this person in the same language, a pizza without a topping.

A customer asked this pizza outlet to send a pizza. There was an additional note along with the pizza request, to draw a dinosaur on the pizza box. The order dispatcher was genius, he drew a diesel can instead.

Some places have a good sense of humour. This one guy called a pizza delivery service to send in some pizza with a joke. The pizza dispatcher was female and she put on a joke on the pizza packing.

This picture was shared by the pizza dispatcher himself. As he wrote that one customer wanted to have a dirty joke on his pizza box. Therefore, his request had to be completed, so here is the joke.

Making someone laugh is not an easy job. These employees definitely attempted their best to put some smile on the face of their customers.

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