5 Reasons Women Live Longer than the Men proven with Pictures

The men and woman debate is the bristling debate which stirs almost everyone of different age. Each group believes that they are better than the other. Females talk about equality while men have varied views – some promote equity.

Men and woman are different, both structarly and physically. Women should seek equity since in some matters men are better while in the other women are better. Can you ask a man to produce a child? So, here lies the answer. Equality means creating man as a standard and then seeking everything at par with the male group.

The Internet is an amazing source of information. These men tried something different and made us think the 5 reasons which can make these men live shorter than the women.

5 – Work Safety:

Men sometimes try to achieve something in short period of time, to do so they use the unusual route. This unusual route might not be in accordance with OSHA standards, but the task is done. Look at this man, he is using a crane to produce level cutting of greenery.

4 – Stupid Humour:

Men are often found entrenched into some adrenaline bringing humour. This guy is trying to achieve the Harry Potter level fun. Remember that great game which Harry Potter played to catch the gold flying ball? Well, he might be thinking same.

3 – Getting chores done:

Men normally do the things which they say they will do in the future. However, the exact time for getting them done is not fixed. These men decided to do the shifting and for time-saving, they are doing anything to get the task done. The cat behind is also worried.

2 – Macho Man Image:

A woman would normally try to be more gentle and famine. A man in her presence would try anything to act like a macho man. Recently there was also a rise in book reading titled, “How not to give a f*ck” – shows men trying hard to act macho. Look at this man, he seems to be a worker at the site, he might have put the sign himself but yet he is violating it since he knows, “It will not happen.”

1 – Bro Code:

No matter what, men got back of each other. The bro code is solid and makes them act in accordance with the rules. These rules are not complex but to only support the other man in need. Often this makes men cross all the boundaries. Women on the other hand act a little different.

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