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5+ Parents share photos of them before and after having kids, result is hilarious

Written by Logical Men

Having children is an experience that cannot be explained in words, bringing a life into this world is certainly a fascinating idea. However, this experience of bringing life into this world does bring a lot of change in one’s life. These parents gave their personal examples to illustrate this change that has been bestowed upon them after becoming a parent.

6 – Life of doggo

Dogs are considered part of a family, they are loved and cherished exactly like a family member. The arrival of the new ones to the family brings change to their life as well. The above picture is a perfect illustration of how the dog was all happy but that happiness did not last when the child came. Look how enslaved the poor doggo looks after the little devil practiced evil desires on him.

5 – From happy meal to sad meal

In first two parts of the photo, a father can be seen happy, enjoying his meals the way he wants….. the way he desires… but all of that changed after he became a father, now he does not have a say and has to eat what makes the kids happy, Not Him.

4 – Journey from a rider to a ride

It may seem like a title of a New York best seller, but it is an everyday life for most of the parents. Parenting requires a sheer amount of will and this parent has the particular sets of skill to be a parent, and one of those skills is having no resistance to fun activities.

3 – Drinking but for different reasons

Once you become a parent, you are burdened with all the responsibility that comes with the title. Before this, the parent is drinking because she is happy and in the next frame, she is drinking to cope up with her responsibility. The mother looks in a hurry.

2 – Not a party guy anymore

Big Bob over here used to party a lot. Everyone thought Big Bob would stay the same. Just look at him now. Things have changed. Now he has to hold his daughter instead of a soda glass.

1 – Life changes drastically

Before marriage on is easy going and adheres a lot to the fun activities. However, after the marriage, things change as the parents try to be soberer and more ideal for the kids. The kids are too young to think for good and bad thus the parents need to be in the company of the kids almost all the time.

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