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5 hilarious memes mock the ‘10 year challenge’ which is viral on social media

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The internet has come a long way when someone talks about the modernity. This is because of the advancement in the technology. The world has prospered a lot in the last 10 years and a lot of scientific discoveries were made which revolutionized the daily course of life. Internet is one thing which finds itself ubiquitous in a lot of disciplines like engineering, entertainment or medical field. Talking about the presence of internet in entertainment field, one can safely assume that on daily basis terabytes of data is produced and disseminated on the internet. Memes is also one form of the entertainment. In the past years, the internet witnessed some series of challenges and tasks which were required by people to complete. The stream of challenges started from the Ice Bucket Challenge.

A recent trend of 10-year challenge had gone viral on the internet. The challenge includes making an image of one own self to show the difference of 10 years. This is like a 10-year-old or current status of someone. We’ve selected a few memes which might spread smile on the faces of our readers.

#1 Nokia 3310 remains same

This smartphone was launched by Nokia, many years ago. However, it still is popular because of its rough and tough style. The battery time was awesome and this phone worked well for the basic need of making calls.

#2 The world is round

This refers to a certain group of people who believe that the world is flat. They believe that NASA had been lying to them and the entire world along with Copernicus is wrong.

#3 A generation gap is present

So, there is a generational gap which exists between those which were born in 90s and those which were born earlier. Today, kids seem more interested in gadgets than ever as they find various means through these smart devices to escape the reality.

#4 Minimum Wage issue

This one is definitely like a burner. A lot of people complain of working on lesser minimum wages as they complain of hardly making a living. One person on BoredPanda commented, “Sadly true. They should link it with how much the cost of living has increased in the last ten years as well.

$5 The definition of snowflake

This is how meme world defines someone as a snowflake. The meme is funny and tries to look at the practical side of the life. Many people complain about suffering but they don’t realise that looking at things objectively might solve their problems.

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