5 funny comics by Yehuda shows his & his wife struggles after she becomes pregnant

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Motherhood is definitely not an easy job, after all it required a lot of care and commitment. A mother’s job is quite tough because she has to take care of the child. It’s said that the very first classroom for any kid is the mother. She is the teacher of her kid, as she makes sure that her kid may learn good manners and become a better human. Parents, both of them, play a key role in the upbringing of the children. They hope that their kids may become a useful part of the society.

The following illustrations are quite funny and at the same time these illustrations offer a meaningful insight in the life of the mother. These illustrations are reality, the parents might be able to relate to all of them.

Maya had become pregnant in 2018, and this very first illustration is about her. Don’t know about Maya? Well, all these illustrations are made by a Tel-Aviv based artist named Yehuda. Maya is his wife, both of them have shown their experience on the internet through illustrations.

When the wife becomes pregnant, every man tries that he should not carry any weight or do any work. She becomes one of the most priceless possessions which a man can dream about. The same has been illustrated by Yehuda in this animated picture.

He has beautifully shown the experience which comes with the thought of becoming the parents. Yehuda is definitely happy and these illustrations just show his desires and reasons to become happy. I believe that this is one of the funniest illustration meanwhile his wife has spots on her face but he shows indifference.

The pair in an interview said that they now believe that they can go through every hardship together. They showed faith on each other and they believe that they can do anything provided they are along with each other. Yehuda said that they made through the ordeal because of their strong bond.

When the baby kicks the mother, the world just stops. The same has been illustrated by this artist. He has shared his own experience and that is why this illustration looks so perfect. These are pretty relate able challenges and happy experiences. He has made other illustrations as well, you can view them on Bored Panda.

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