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4yo curses, throws up gang signs and slaps grandma at Mc D’s

A 4-year-old kid, showing gang signs and cursing is not a good indicator of a healthy family atmosphere.

A video recently went viral in which merely a 4-year-old kid is cursing, showing gang signs and spitting at his mom with disgust on his face.

He kept doing it despite getting scolded by his grandma, and when her mother opened her mouth you could see who put words in the kid’s mouth.

I honestly feel sorry for the kid; his future is destroyed because of what he is going through. How can one possibly think that their kid will become a functional part of society if they are bringing him up like this?

The minds of these kids are very fragile and can easily be wired the way they are brought up. But if the child becomes traumatic due to his poor upbringing then it can never be reversed.

People in the comments were also mostly angry at the mom. But some are also calling for the kids spanking, but can you blame the kid. He is being brought up like that.

This is part of a cycle which cannot be easily broken.

This is the worst form of parenting I have ever seen. Why would you reply the curse of your child with cursing back? This is the reason he has probably started using in the first place.

The first thing you need to teach your kids is respect, but how can one do so if they don’t have any sense of what respect is in the first place.

This is seriously messed up.

This is the perfect illustration of the importance of upbringing a child in the right environment. This kid is a lesson for all the parents out there. What would have you done if this was your kid? Leave a comment below.

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