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41,000+ public workers sought student loan forgiveness, government approved just 206

A new program was launched to help those who had racked up student loans. The potential target of this newly launched student loan forgiveness plan were the public service workers. Under the auspice of this program, the lucky ones would get their student loans forgiven by the state. One of the applicants for this program was Daniel Cuciak. He was happy to learn on morning that his student loan of $35,000 was reduced to zero. After nine months of paper work and struggle, this was the moment which he was waiting for. The Department of Education had announced to forgive the student loan in order to help the people who work in the public service jobs.

However, stats show that Cuciak is like a hair on butter. There were many other who applied for this program but he was among the few lucky people who were selected for this program. The success rate of the application acceptance stood merely at 0.5 percent. This made the applicants angry as they were not expecting some selection. Apparently for the people the purpose of the program failed as it couldn’t serve its purpose. This made them angry as they thought that being in the public service it was their right to get their student loans wavered. Daniel Zibel, vice president of the National Student Legal Defense Netowork was approached in this regard and he said,

It’s clear that it’s not working and that public servants who thought they had a deal aren’t getting the benefit of that deal.

The College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2017 gives government a power to forgive the student loans of people who choose to work for the government. This public service work can be in any domain, military, law, enforcement, education, social work, public health and any other field. The jobs which lie in the public sector domain require high level of skills but the pay is quite meager. This program was launched to end this deficit.

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