4 Easy FreeLance Student Jobs Platforms to make Quick Money

These days free lancing is in fashion. Big firms are hesitant to employ full-time employees and instead prefer working with contracted workers, who they don’t have to offer benefits etc. and who they can easily end dealing once contract expires. Seeing this as an opportunity, a number of start-ups are providing on-demand freelance labor in huge quantity.

Freelancing has its own benefits and especially as student jobs. You can decide on your own schedule, work at your intensity, pursue the work you like and make money to pay-up for your study expenses. Freelance Student jobs are also much more available as students usually don’t have permanent jobs and are much satisfied on doing side jobs.
Freelancers always have to be on the lookout for new projects and opportunities. Online student jobs resources given below will help you all in finding work online, keeping your skills sharp and your bills paid.

1) oDesk

student jobs- odesk

This is no1 in our freelance online student jobs platforms. Odesk provides opportunities to a wide variety of employers like writers, marketers, translators, systems and data analysts, developers, administrative professionals etc. Odesk has a list of noteworthy clients like Panasonic, Open Table, NBC and it features in excess of 100,000 monthly postings.
After you sign up for an account, you will then complete your profile to give an idea of your experience and skill set to prospective employees. Now you can search for job postings. If you find an attractive job, send a resume and cover letter describing your abilities to the employer. The employer will then select applicants for interview via skype or phone. If you get hired, you are needed to provide regular status updates to the client and submit your work when completed.

Unlike some other freelance websites, in oDesk the clients- not freelancers set the hourly or flat rates for the project. These rates are however negotiable during interview. The membership is free. oDesk will deduct its 10% fee from your pay. The client’s rating and your total earnings signify your experience and competence on the site and will greatly increase your future job prospects here.

2) Guru

student jobs- guru

This is no2 in our freelance online student jobs platforms. Guru platform helps companies and individual contractors to connect with accountants, writers, marketers, administrative professionals, developers, translator and legal specialists. Unlike some other freelancing websites, Guru allows its freelancers to advertise themselves to clients. Thus the clients have the ability to actually select workers before communicating the details of their projects.
The other ways is that clients can post job offers, which freelancers can look up and then apply at. There is no bidding here as the projects have a fixed hourly or flat fee. Your total earnings and good recommendations from clients will increase your repo and chances for selection.

You will start off on the website by creating a profile which will show off your experience and skills while setting your minimum compensation requirements. When you are hired for a job, Guru will hold funds in escrow until your project work is accepted. Guru takes only 4.5% compensation fee.

3) Elance

student jobs- elanceThis is no3 in our freelance online student jobs platforms. Having a gigantic earning of over a billion dollars in 2014, Elance contracts programmers, writers, designers, marketers and mobile app developers. The clients include big time names such as Disney, Mozilla and CareerBuilder, making it more than 100,000 job postings per month. The signing up process is free and so is the job searching one.

You must note that getting an Elance account does not however guarantee a job. Job with less demanding skills like marketing copy generation or content writing have lots of applicants. More difficult jobs, like OS development work have less competition. As always, more earnings and client feedback will get you more proposals than less experienced workers.

You must put together a proposal to reflect your qualifications and an estimated completion time for the job at hand (do include a detailed timeline for specific job breakdown) and of course your compensation- that can be flat fee or hourly rate. Clients will select proposals that will offer a good combination of skills, experience and reasonable compensation requirements.

Elance uses its own virtual currency ‘Connects’. Each job proposal will cost you some ‘Connects’. A free user gets 40 Connects per month while paid plans will give you more Connect quota and other perks.

There are three paid plans:

Large Company Membership: For $60 per month you get 25 profile keywords, 60 additional monthly Connects, and an unlimited number of team member profiles.

Small Company Membership: For $20 per month, you get 20 profile keywords and 40 additional monthly Connects . If you have a team, you can also add up to five individual profiles on your account.

Individual Membership: For $10 per month, you get 20 additional monthly Connects and up to 15 profile keywords that can increase your visibility to clients.

Elance deducts 8.75% from your total earnings for each project while additional Connects are available to all membership types at $1 per unit.

4) 99designs

student jobs- 99designs

This is no4 in our freelance online student jobs platforms. The 99designs platform is especially for freelance designers, who are supposed to submit drafts in response to the demand of client-generated briefs. The work includes digital advertising materials, screen prints, book covers and corporate logos. Each job is is like a contest here, where you submit your design along with thousand others. The clients selects his best pick and compensates the free lancer.

There are four membership level for Clients here, ranging from platinum package that costs $1199 to post to a bronze package costing $299 to post. This amount represents the winning designer’s prize. 99designs will take a 40% commission and then pass on the prize money to the winner, though the cut is low for bulk projects. Contest can attract anywhere from 40 to 120 submissions making it a tough competition.

5) Freelancer.com

This is no5 in our freelance online student jobs platforms. Freelancer has over 11 million users and millions of projects posted. Free lancer entertains writers, accountants, designers , data entry specialists and software/mobile developers.

There are three ways to find work on Freelancer.com:

1) Bid on a Posted Project.
2) Enter a Contest.
3) Add a Service. (This is an announcement that you are willing to work for a specific type of project. Clients will see these announcements and hire you directly.)

Note: Freelancer.com may be the largest and most popular platform on the world wide web but it ranks lower due to some complains against it alleging fraud and non-payments. Due to this reason, it is placed at no5 in our list. But all in all, it has a large user base and you should trust it. But in the end, its all up to you.