3D Printing: The Next Big Thing

The paper printer is a very common accessory of computer used all around the world. 3D printer does the same, i.e. print something on a certain medium but is way different and out of league of a simple printer. A simple printer produces the image of what we want, whereas with 3D printer, we can create the model required directly using some Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and the template of the model.

The research work in this field is growing a lot and it is considered to be the NEXT BIG THING in industry as well as routine life. The technology has been tested successfully in many fields at different levels and the results are very encouraging. With all the developments we are moving towards, entitling certain technology the Next Big Thing takes a certain level of confidence and expectations. Here are some of the reasons why it is called so.

It is vital to Industry:

Every industry, no matter how big or small, runs on machines and to maintain those machines is a very vital part of its existence. With the passage of time, there are a lot of issues in the machine parts and all that requires repair at some level. Well, 3D printing takes it to a whole new level. All you have to do is to make a 3D model of the machine part using the CAD software and BOOM, you can get your component repaired even at a minor scale. There are also parts being modeled using 3D printing.

1- Medical Sciences:

medical sciencesThere are many cases daily of the fatal accidents and injury causing around the world and in many cases, there is loss of any vital organ that makes a person disable or dependent making the life a lot worse than we can imagine. The revolution in medical field around the corner is with 3D printing. We’ll be able to model the organ and get it working so that the patient can enjoy the life in full bloom.

Certain tests for the injuries can be carried out on the human body models that can be printed and used for a long time.

2- Education:


3d printing educaiton

We learn a lot from our books and teachers, there is no second opinion to that. With the use of teaching aids like presentations, animations, we can visualize the happenings to get the better understanding of the knowledge. BUT, what if the animating objects are not just on projector screen but on the desk to observe. Well, that would help even more and with 3D printing, it is possible. We can make a model of anything we want and just print that to learn even better and in detail.

3- Architecture:

Architecture 3D Printing

Construction of a building is no doubt a hideous work with a lot of labor and material other than time consumption. It takes a reasonable time to first select, then buy the material and then construct the whole thing up from ground. 3D printing provides a way to do the same with less material wastage, less labor work and very less time consumption. There are certain models prepared by companies of houses and mansions of different shapes and sizes currently and soon we’ll be building houses to live in.

4- Decoration:

3D Printing Decoration

Want to customize your house or office décor and can’t find what you want? Not a problem anymore. Just let the words out what you want, there are many people that can prepare the CAD model for you of the required stuff and all you have to do is to get is printed and make your place look like what it is meant to be.

5- Wardrobe:

3D Printed Shoes

Ever seen an ad of some brand showing the lasers and all the high tech stuff to design the suit to fit the body and give you the ultimate combination of precision and quality? Want to get one or do that yourself, not a problem. Get the scan from a 3D scanner and you can have whatever you want. The applications are not just limited to clothing items of the best fit, but shoes, additives like bracelets, jewelry, all can be printed and due to the layer by layer working principle of the technology, the quality and precision can be said to be the by product. The material used is mostly recyclable and thus helping the environment getting cleaner and safer.

6- Manufacturing:

Manufacturing any machine part or tool is not an easy job. There are a lot of careful observations, calculations, design possibilities processed before reaching a final conclusion about the design and specifications of the product. Then comes the manufacturing part that requires many processes depending upon the product specifications.

We can reduce the hard work in the manufacturing phase by eliminating the machining and other finishing surfaces by direct 3D printing of the product. As the part is manufactured based on the model drawing, printing it directly from the drawing would be of the exact shape and size reducing the allowances and thus increasing performance.

7- Food:

3d printed food

The material used for 3D printing is not limited to some carbon fiber or any synthetic material that can last longer and withstand harsher condition, it can also be some edible material. Food items can be printed using the material which they are actually made of in the proper composition. Food factories can be revolutionized with the use of this technology by getting just the raw material and the desired shape and composition. Rest is on the printer that will serve its purpose exceptionally well.

These are just some of the applications and the development of this technology can do wonders. There can be 3D printed cars moving around on the roads in near future that are lighter, more fuel efficient and powerful. It is the just the fate of time till we see all this coming to reality and taking the world by a storm.

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