35yo man marries the doll of virtual singer

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World has diversity and this news just corroborates this as a fact. People do different things based on their perceptions. Their stance in different circumstances depends on the kind of environment in which they have lived in the past. Well, humans relationships can be sometimes messy. This becomes a little complicated if the person involved is hurt by the others.

However, this entire rant doesn’t mean that a person would give up on human companion. This man actually gave up on human companion and decided to make a doll his life companion. The doll is remotely linked to a virtual singer.

A man from Japan took a bold leap of faith and wedded himself to a small doll. It has aquamarine hair and eyes of size of fried eggs, as reported by Unilad. This appears to be a little controversial as almost everyone marries someone after getting impressed by his intellectual capability and witty nature. Sometimes gestures of kindness can also make someone fall in love with the other person. The possibilities are endless but ending up loving a doll is a little warped concept.

What made this 35yo take such a bold step?

Well, he was being bullied by his female superiors and he took it on his brain. One can remember the effects of bullying if he had gone through it in his school life. But everyone passed through it without giving it much consideration. This man however took some deepening effect. In case of Akihiko, he took it seriously. He experienced trauma and loneliness in the next years to come. Thus, he decided to give up on the human companion. He lost trust in woman in general.

Akihiko faced difficulty in interacting with living and breathing women. Later, he developed feelings for doll. This doll is made on the form of Hatsune Miku. She is a virtual singer but she isn’t that much famous in Japan if compared to Beyonce or Taylor Swift. This is because she doesn’t exist. She is a vocaloid software voicebank which is developed for the vocal samples of actress Saki Fujita. He fell in love with a remotely anything human.

He married this doll version in a full blown ceremony. There were 39 wedding guests called for the wedding; there were friends and family invited as guests. Akihiko wore a white suit and he looked happy with his decision.

Thank you very much for receiving a lot of blessings reply. It was a wedding prepared for about half a year, so I am relieved to be able to finish safely.

Thank you once again for the people who attended, the people of the ceremony hall, and those who supported us.

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