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33yo old Woman Paedophile lured 13yo guy to her home and did molestation, gets 4years jail-time

Written by Wamiq Ali

A 33-year-old woman lured a 13-year-old boy into her home and physically abused him, she forced the boy into some intimate pedophilia. The boy was invited for a chat and he had no idea about the upcoming abuse. Physical abuse of this nature can lead to the life long effects which can only be omitted from the victim through proper channel and counseling.

The woman got sentenced for 4-years. Nicola Fox, 33-year-old, lured Hull into her home saying that she wanted to chat. The boy later tried to leave the home when Fox closed the curtains and pulled the boy to her bed. The boy sensing the danger tried to leave again but she slammed the door and then put a table against it. The court heard the case.

The prosecutor said that the woman pinned down the boy to the bed and also did stupid things with the boy. The boy was clear that he wanted to leave but the woman forced her to stay in the house. The boy even started to cry at a point. The boy surely must have felt embarrassed and upset about the situation.

The victim despite being forced into something awkward, still he behaved quite well. He treated the woman with respect and didn’t do any thing harsh. He tried to fight her off but still, he took care of not to cause any harm.

The boy went back home and for weeks didn’t share the incident with anyone. The identity of the boy is kept hidden for reason, as he couldn’t confide in his relatives. Though, he is grateful for the support of his family over something where he had no fault. The woman is reported to be suffering from mental health issues. The boy, on the other hand, became socially detached after the incident.

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