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32yo model goes on a date, gets brutally beaten up & robbed, with a man she met on Instagram

Written by Wamiq Ali

Never go on a date with someone you don’t know and make sure that the person you are about to date isn’t a robber. This 32yo model went on a date with a guy whom she met on Instagram and got beaten up and robbed. The girl from Los Angeles was brutally assaulted by a man on a date. She now shares her story as a caution for others to check the background of their possible date.

India Ali, 32yo, model was interviewed by KTLA after the incident. She told that she met James Baker, 27yo guy, virtually through Instagram. Eventually, during the chats, they became comfortable enough to plan a date. They decided to meet in real life.

He didn’t really look like a creep from his pictures. He looked like he had it going on,” – said India Ali in the interview. 

India Ali sharing her story on KTLA

When Ali went on a date with Baker, they shared a lot of their moments on the Instagram story. They went to a bar as shown on the Instagram and started consuming alcohol. The model surely was looking tipsy in the Instagram stories. Ali appeared to be less sober than Baker.

Later, both of them went back to the restaurant. Ali can’t recall any moment after the bar because she was too drunk to remember anything. She said that she had no memory of leaving the bar and going back to his room at Westin Hotel near Los Angeles International Airport.

The very next morning, Ali became conscious and woke up. She couldn’t get up as she felt pain all around her body. “It was horrible, I woke up. I lifted my head up. I was lying in a puddle of throw up. So I look around and I see blood everywhere and my clothes everywhere.” – definitely, something horrible had happened to the model.

Baker before the assault

Ali was brutally beaten up by the Baker for some unknown reasons. She said that she got up and went in front of the mirror. She was shocked to have a look at her face as it was full of blood and injuries. “Oh my God. I can’t believe that happened. What if they come back and kill me?” – Ali recalled her pattern of thoughts!

Soon Ali came to senses and picked up hotel phone to call 911. The police arrived at the scene and took her to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. The brain had a serious impact and it was swelled down from one side causing her to vomit.

Baker had taken her car and the cell phone. Later, using FindmyiPhone police tracked down the thief.

Baker leaving hotel in Ali’s car, picture shared by DailyMail

Baker got arrested by Los Angeles police and was found to be already convicted by the court. He was on bail. It was a mistake on the side of the girl to date such a man.

This story was shared by Ali only to warn people of the dangers of dating an unknown person.

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